Be The Brand: A NEW & Organic Approach To Personal Branding 

Use this ebook to gain a clearer understanding about personal branding and brand identity. Also, learn how to make your brand an extension of you and ensure consistency when communicating a message that resonates better with your target audience. 
Other personal branding experts begin by teaching their audience to create a PRESENCE: the logo, the website, the blog, the podcast, etc.. 
Though these are great for building a BRAND, it’s not the same as creating an authentic PERSONAL BRAND. In my ebook, I share why I think it’s so important to start with a brand identity that puts the PERSONAL in the BRAND, allowing you to... Be The Brand.
That brand identity should oragnically resonate with your desired clients & customers but also maintains your authenticity and allows you to enjoy the longevity of your BRAND. 
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Be The Brand: A NEW & Organic Approach To Personal Branding contains everything you'll need to make better decisions about the way you share your brand with your target audience. It's just what you need to build a brand identity that not only helps you maintain message consistency, but do it in a clear and authentic way.  You'll learn a little about my Style Thread Process and get a ton of even more valuable information just by clicking the link below.

“This book helped me understsand the value of creating a style message that is not only beautiful and functional but also one that brings out a confidence that shines through with every look.”

Melissa Thornton - Thornton Creative Services

"...Everyone knows I work hard for a second impression because my first isn't usually my best, that said, Andrea explained the authentic style we all have and how to find it. LOVED every minute of it..."

Tina Winslow - Art of Strategy Consulting

A Book For All Entrepreneurs, but Especially Those with Service Based Businesses.

Be The Brand: A NEW & Organic Approach To Personal Branding
provides information for anyone with a desire to feel like their brand identity is clear, consistent, and authentic and resonates with their target audience. This book will benefit your brand and dramatically transform the way you make your marketing decisions.

A Word From The Author

“Your style is a thread that runs through the fabric of your life. Understanding yours will unlock the secrets to a personal brand that's clear, consistent, and authentic ."
~ Andrea Patrick, Personal Branding Stylist

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